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Established in 2004, Head Coach Michael had a vision to start a basketball academy to pass on the experience of elite youth training system from his journey of professional basketball back in South Korea. Developing through the golden era of Korean basketball in 1990s, Head Coach Michael experienced coaching and training from former coaches and players with legendary status in Korea.


After immigrated to New Zealand, Head Coach Michael was passionate to be involved in youth development of migrant communities. He felt responsible to educate and prepare the young generations to become a greater human beings to New Zealand communities and wanted to motivate the youth to explore their greater potentials by basketball training.


His personal journey of pursuing professional basketball in South Korea had various important life lessons with many ups and downs which became the foundation of his values and YBA basketball programs. YBA's coaching is an unique, once in a life-time for some people but this intensive experience will make anyone much stronger, more determined, focused and ultimately elevate their physical and mental strength to become an instrumental part of our society. YBA is not just about training for basketball, it is about character development and building life-long friendships to take on the challenges in each person's life as a team.


YBA New Zealand and Head Coach Michael do not have an end date yet. It is all about taking on each day by day and as along as we have our precious members who are willing to share our values and beliefs, we will carry on as always.


YBA New Zealand

founder & director
Michael Lee

Head Coach / 이재훈 감독

Founded YBA in 2004

Playing Career

1988 - 1991 : Song Do Middle School, Incheon, South Korea

1992 - 1995 : Song Do High School, Incheon, South Korea

1995 - 1999 : Yonsei University, Seoul, South Korea

1999 - 2001 : Incheon Daewoo Zeus / Shinsegi Bigs (Professional, South Korea)

Coaching Career

2001 - 2002 : First Assistant Coach, Song Do High, Incheon

2002 - 2002 : First Assistant Coach, Je Il High, Jeollanam-Do

2004 - Present : Head Coach, YBA New Zealand, Auckland

2014 - Present : President, Multinational Basketball Community Incorporated

2016 - 2018 : Director, Korea Sports Council in NZ Community

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