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YBA has various programs to embrace wide range of skills, levels and ages of students. Our professional based training program offers great learning experience, producing exceptional results for anyone who is willing to commit. YBA has shown and proven over many year and has numerous examples of changing personalities, characters, basketball skills and physical well-beings. YBA has great confidence to show you the results in a short amount of time and we are always willing to listen and assist any types of students depending on their needs for best outcome.

Kids Training (5-10 Year Olds)

This training is designed to introduce basketball to young children, usually for the first time. Training focuses on basics of basketball and the goal is to improve all the fundamental YBA skills to join our Regular Training for further development.

Regular Training (7-18 Year Olds)

Our traditional regular training is based on professional programs and focuses on fundamentals of basketball for students. Ranging from Footwork, Ball Handling Skills to Gameplays, training also offers Character Development to become a confident, team spirited leader in a group.

Foundation Training (7-18 Year Olds)

Foundation training is a newly designed YBA training in recent years, this is less intensive and more student - friendly training in comparison to our Regular training. Program design is similar to Regular training and this is a great step to learn basketball in more relaxed manner.

Holiday Program (School Holiday)

Holiday Program is a popular training for any basketball lovers due to long training sessions to focus on key basketball skills such as dribbling and shooting. This is a great experience to improve your skills in a short amount of time and also great introduction for any beginners as there are fun games and tricks designed in the program.

During Term 1, Term 2 and Term 3 Holidays Only.

Private Training (1-4 Maximum)

Private Training is an unique experience for any students, who will experience exponential growth in their basketball skills. Head Coach Michael has extraordinary experience with coaching all types and characters of students and this training produced many unbelievable results in past.


Each training will range from 1 student to maximum 4, and program is designed with high level of details, intensity and expectation. Whoever is willing to challenge their body limit will gain unforgettable results in a short amount of time.

Basketball Training Exchange

This is your opportunity to explore the training programs in South Korea. YBA has great connections to elite and professional Korean teams and you will experience intensive training system with some of the best youth talents in Korea for short periods of time.


This is for students who may want to learn from traditional Korean coaching style and also want to test out their basketball skills in comparison to elite level players in Korea. If you have any questions on which schools and teams for exchange, please feel free to enquire.

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